Tech House Minimal Techno

"Taking you on a trip of euphoria with groovy baselines and thumpy kicks, for me, it’s all about mood and a deep, hypnotic groove… playing those tracks that get your body moving." Dylan Kohler

That’s how Dylan describes his sets as a DJ. Having grown up in Johannesburg, South Africa. House music has always been around him, Dylan ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence.

Dylan is a passionate and fast growing DJ. Who is influenced by the European music scene, Tech House/Techno being his forte, each and every set he plays he always delivers.

Today, that translates into his sets where he picks apart and infuses together all the pieces of music that he loves most, progressive synth work, brooding basslines, and occasional vocal hooks… all on top of that foot-shuffling house beat.

Dylan loves to travel, when he does he makes sure to experience and hear all the newest banger tunes so that with each performance he is able to always bring the best. Playing in festivals, nightclubs, bars and special events, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes.