Deep House Progressive House

"I have been around in the music scene since the early 90's. I started djing with vinyl on 1210's and my love of drum and bass was a reflection of the Bristol rave era at that time." - JAKE

Spin the turntables forward three decades and Jake's heart has firmly found its place in the deep house scene. His uploads onto his Soundcloud page over the last 18 months have gained him a loyal fan base tuning into his regular shows.

Jake created Deep Mondays. The radio show has seen everything from audio streams, live streams and now a popular guest feature. Jake is a very keen live streamer and is currently performing every fortnight with a special one off Lighthouse Livestream series.

Last year Jake supported Jody Wisternoff at Night Tales in London for two shows in one day delivering both opening and closing sets. Jake also played at an ARRVL show in Tottenham in London. Plus Jake supported Oliver Smith when he played with the JVNC Collective – a four strong group of DJs he is part of. Keep an eye out for Jake as he continues to gain momentum and recognition as a deep house DJ with soul.


Deep Mondays With Special Guest on Beach Radio. This is every Monday from 7pm-9pm GMT – I am planning on continuing the guest feature till the end of March as I have all the guests booked. After March I am not sure which direction to head in.. I started this show on 22nd June 2020.

Lighthouse Livestreams. Fortnightly on Saturday afternoons 3pm till 6pm.