Techno Tech House

"Some of my best memories were made on dance floors and it is time to gift that experience to others. Music is my life, it is the force that drives me forward and give meaning to life." JO_M

JO_M started DJ-ing in 1997 playing hard house and Nu NRG. He re-started his DJ Career 3 years ago playing vinyl but quickly moved over to digital.

He has been active in the Nelspruit scene testing my new sound at underground parties in the area and “Dump” parties in Kaapsehoop, and also played at the re-opening of ESP’s “We’re Back, Slippery n’ Wet” event recently.

His sound ranges from Tech House, Melodic Techno, Driving Techno to Acid Techno. His sets always feature aspects from all these sub-genre’s to ensure there is always texture, depth and progression in his sets. He is proud of the fact that his sound is flexible enough to deliver sets in any time slot, from opening to sunrise and anywhere in between.

With the current lockdown situation around the world he is focussing on getting his mixes on Radio Shows, Podcasts and Live Streams. He has a monthly residency on Truth in Dance Radio and has been featured on Both Mutha FM (The Beat Cartel) and JouRadio. His Mixcloud uploads always perform very well and his mix “Nostalgia” recently topped the Mixcloud Techno charts at No 1.

JO_M is always pushing forward with his Live Stream Project “Techno Sundays” where he streams sets from his Off-Grid Studio!